TV & Radio Appearances

According to a 1967 press release, The Raindrops alone had regular appearances on ten BBC radio series and eleven TV series.   

Additionally, many of the BBC shows were broadcast overseas.  The BBC transcription service produced Star Show circa 1960-1962 which regularly featured The Raindrops for broadcast overseas.  Jackie also performed on several independent programmes. 

Jackie appeared on a number of British TV programmes to promote Rupert.  Possibilities include  Crackerjack, Magpie and Blue Peter

The sheer quantity of known broadcasts for some years is incredible.  When you consider that Jackie was also recording vocal sessions and making live performances, it is amazing how she found time to make her own solo recordings. 

Broadcasts are grouped by year (90 entries for 1960 alone).  Not all co-performers are listed for every show, but those shown provide some context. 

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