31.05.19  TV and radio appearances massively updated 

04.12.18  CNR & Irish Rupert

29.12.17  BM6030 image

04.11.16  More radio shows addded to TV & Radio. 

20.01.16  General new year updates

03.08.14  TV shows expanded

07.11.13  Cassingle added to Discog 4, and JPN White Horses added to Discog 2.

18.07.13  Dutch Jackie & Nicky and Argie Rupert stock copy added to Discog 2.

08.05.13  Belgian Lucky one added to Discog 2.

03.05.13  'Singaporean' White Horses added to Discog 2.

23.04.13  General updates after long absence.

16.12.11  Joel Dayde added to Discog 3.

14.05.11  Lill Lindfors added to Discog 5.  Dank Jens.

06.02.11  Oz issue of No-one in the whole wide world added to Disco 5.

19.10.10  US issue of Born to lose added to Discography 2.

17.07.10  Long overdue trivia additions, plus second Polydor 78 added to Discog 1.

15.06.09  Barbarella notes amended.

31.05.09   The Town I Live In CD added.

03.07.08   Jackie & Nicky 45 added to Discography 1 & 2.

15.06.08   White Horses cassette added to Discography 1.  Robbery CD and DVD links added to Discography 3.

12.12.07   Argentine Rupert added to Discography 2.

07.11.07   Italian White horses added to Discography 2.

19.08.07   Poker CD added!

21.06.07   Simone 45 added to Discography 5, with thanks to Jens Keller

24.03.07   Dutch Angels cover version added to Discography 5, with thanks to Hans Hammer

19.02.07  Jackie & The Angels picture sleeve added to Discography 2; Cerys Mathews added to Discography 5.

03.10.06  Tony Hazzard album added to sessionography, thanks to Pontus von Tell.

06.08.06  Mass of session details added to Discography 3, courtesy of Clare Torry's fabulous diaries.

23.05.06  Jaylee picture sleeve added to Discography 2.  Thanks Dom.

17.09.05  Bit more info relating to Loving Feeling added to Discography 1 and Sessionography.

11.09.05  Another bootleg added to Discography 4.  Conny Vandenbos info added to Discography 5.

27.08.05  Teen Date CD added to Discography 4.  Thanks Mark! 

12.06.05  Goodbye Gemini Harkit rehash added to Discography 3.  It's So Fine added to Discography 4.

05.06.05  Girls of Hideaway Heaven image file added to Discography 4.

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03.02.05  Early spring clean and TV section added.

31.01.05  Addition of Philippines 45 to Discography 2.

07.12.04  Addition of Tony Evans, Jack Emblow and Frank Chacksfield to Discography 3.  Stock copy of Jaylee 45 to Discography 2.  'Down our street' sheet music to Biog.

12.09.04  Addition of Swedish 'White horses' to Discography 2, addition of 'Beautiful city' notes to Discography 1 and More section.

29.05.04  Jackie's birthday!  London International label variation added to Discography 2.  Sheet music for recording debut added to Biog.

23.04.04  Australian 'White horses' added to Discography 2.

16.04.04  Numerous images added and a general spring clean to the Biog.

14.04.04  Pinky & Perky jpeg added to Discography 3.  Amazon links installed.  Sold out to the man at last.

17.03.04  Note added for EMI session tapes to More section.  The beginning of a new chapter, hopefully.

09.03.04  Addition of Australian 'Love is now' to Discography 2.  What overseas obscurity will be next?

06.03.04  Addition of German Emma Rede jpeg to Discography 2.  Details of Leaders Of The Pack CD added to More and Discography 3, and Galitza EP added to Discography 3.

24.02.04  Addition of Polish Festival press photo to More section.

12.02.04  Addition of DB8052 demo jpeg to Discography 1; addition of Spanish 'We're off and running' to Discography 2.

31.01.04  Addition of Claudine Longet A&M jpeg to Discography 3; Evidence of German Emma Rede single noted in Discography 1 & 2; Madison jpegs added to More.

18.01.04  Addition of DB7860 issue jpeg to Discography 1; and Ireland On Sunday scan to More.

15.01.04  Addition of A Song For Europe notes to More section.

12.01.04  Confirmation of previously undocumented 'Maybe it's the Madison' thanks to the magnificent Bob Orlowsky.  Details added to More and Discography 1.  Video captures to follow when I get my act together.

09.01.04  Claudine Longet images added to Discography 3.

02.01.04  Happy New Year!  'More' section added.

13.11.03  Addition of James Last details and Boulevard LP to Discography 3.

06.11.03  Additional Gillian Hills information added to Discography 3, courtesy of Micheline de Séraulx of the Gillian Hills Appreciation Society.  

03.11.03  Amendment of Discography 2.  Palette single origin is Belgium, not Germany.  Thanks to Belgian Eddy.

11.09.03  Addition of Drumbeat graphic to Discography 3.  Text spring clean.

16.08.03  Update of Count Prince Miller and addition of graphic to Discography 3.

13.06.03  Addition of Count Prince Miller and Gillian Hills to Discography 3, plus update of Colors Of Love details

03.05.03  Addition of Colors Of Love graphic to Discography 3

27.04.03  Addition of Algebra Spaghetti to Discography 3

04.04.03  Promises, Promises info added to Discography 3

01.04.03  US promo of White horses added to Discography 2

07.03.03  I cry alone sheet music graphic added to biog

19.02.03  Oriole missing link added to Discography 1

03.02.03  Details for Dr Jeckyll & Sister Hyde added to Discography 3

19.01.03  Jamie Wednesday and All About Eve details added to Discography 3

17.01.03  Spanish issue of 'White horses' added to Discography 2

07.01.03  Some details added to Biog regarding Ariola single

31.12.02  Marginal bootleg graphics added to Discography 3

25.12.02  Information updated for Marginal bootlegs and Vicki Salee single in Discography 3

19.12.02  School Disco CD details added to Discogs 3 & 4

10.12.02  Drumbeat details added to Discogs 3 & 4.  Discographies tidied

06.12.02  Information added to Discography 2 for Australian 'Rupert' and Deutsche schlager

05.12.02  Further bootleg details added to Discography 3

30.11.02  Dodgy bootlegs added to Discography 3

18.08.02  Details added for Me Without You in Discography 1 & 3

08.08.02  Additional details for 'One more mountain' added to Discography 1

27.07.02  'One more mountain' details added to Discographies 1 & 4

16.06.02  Bron Publishing acetate jpeg added to Biography

27.02.02  Discography pt.2 graphic added for INT45-10602

14.02.02  Discography pt.2 details added for US single INT45-10602

16.12.01  Discography pt.3 details re-amended for 'Hey Joe'.  It seems I was right all along, and was misled by the inaccurate sleeve notes for the Hendrix box set.  The version of 'Hey Joe' issued in 1966/1967 was indeed from the session featuring the Jackie Lee Singers.  Jackie's voice is clearly discernible on the stereo recording featured on the 1997 remaster of 'Are You Experienced'.  The confusion emanates from the studio details featured in the box set booklet.  The notes infer that the final version of 'Hey Joe' was recorded at Pye Studios.  Jackie is adamant that she recorded at DeLane Lea.

09.12.01  Discography pt.3 details amended for 'Hey Joe'.  It appears that the issued cut of the song features the session harmony trio The Breakaways.  

28.10.01  Colors Of Love info added

01.09.01  Dream Babes vol.2 added to discography

27.08.01  Nutwood Pals info and Rupert sheet music graphic added

18.08.01  I cry alone note updated; James Last session details

05.08.01  Details of Palette single amended

21.07.01  Deletion of Return of Cult Fiction CD confirmed

16.06.01  Album sleeve scans added

03.06.01  Additional Pye details from CG

27.05.01  Confirmation of Beatles covering There's no-one in the whole wide world; page headers updated

10.03.01  Real Macabre jpeg; broken links from 'confused' page corrected

12.02.01  Coca Cola info added to sessionography; Real Macabre info added to cover versions

09.02.01  R4559 rescan with correct sleeve (?)  [UK discography]

31.01.01  :-)  [biography]

30.01.01  Fyffita additional info [session work] & Old Gold jpeg [UK discography]

25.01.01  BOAC commercial  [session work]

24.01.01  Corrections to early years and Jackie Lee Singers info  [biography]