Christopher Gunning  a busy man

Vince Hill

John Barry 

Iain Ballamy

Gordon Beck 

Conny Vandenbos  Dutch vocalist who recorded a Jackie song, twice

Mike Pratt  fine British actor who featured in Goodbye Gemini

Gloria Balsam  well, read and see...  Simply the best place to find Jackie Lee records

Jackie Lee Fans  a forum for, um, Jackie Lee fans.  Good place to ask esoteric questions.  Someone may provide an answer.

Ready Steady Girls  fantastic reference site for '60s girl singers from all around Europe

International Eurovision Song Contest

Play It Again  John Barry CDs and masses of information 

Glitter Suits & Platform Boots  wide-ranging '70s pop site 

Revola   quality archival research

RPM   tasty '60s reissues from the UK

eBay   if all else fails, try here






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