Concise Jackie Lee Discography

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JACKIE LEE  I was wrong  /  For as long as I live (Decca F10550, 1955)  45rpm & 78 rpm

JACKIE LEE  On the outskirts of Paris / Love me as though there were no tomorrow   (Polydor BM6030, September 1956)   78rpm

JACKIE LEE  Little ship / To be sure   (Polydor BM6045, December 1956)   78rpm

RAINDROPS  Along came Jones  /  Italian style  (Parlophone R4559, 1959)

RAINDROPS  If I had my life to live over  /  Let’s make a foursome  (Oriole CB1544, 1960)

RAINDROPS  Banjo boy  /  Crazy rhythm  (Oriole CB1555, 1960)

RAINDROPS  Will you love me tomorrow  /  Raindrops (Oriole CB1595, 1961)

JACKIE LEE & RAINDROPS  There’s no-one in the whole wide world  /  I was the last one to know (Oriole CB1702, 1962)

RAINDROPS  Painting the town with teardrops  /  A letter from Anne  (Oriole CB1707, 1962)

JACKIE LEE & RAINDROPS There goes the lucky one  /  I built my world around a dream  (Oriole CB1727, 1962)

JACKIE LEE  Party lights  /  Midnight  (Oriole CB1757, 1962)

JACKIE LEE  The end of the world  /  Goodbye is such a lonely word  (Oriole CB1800, 1963)

JACKIE & RAINDROPS  Down our street  /  My heart is your heart  (Philips BF1283, 1963)

JACKIE & RAINDROPS  Come on dream, come on  /  Here I go again  (Philips BF1328, 1964)

JACKIE LEE  I cry alone  /  ‘Cause I love him  (Decca F12068, January 1965)

JACKIE LEE  Lonely clown  /  Love is gone  (Columbia DB7685, September 1965)

JACKIE LEE  I know know know I’ll never love love love anyone else  /  So love me (Columbia DB7860, March 1966)

JACKIE LEE  The town I live in  /  You too (can have heartaches) (Columbia DB8052, November 1966)

EMMA REDE  Just like a man  /  I gotta be with you  (Columbia DB8136, February 1967)

JACKIE LEE  Born to lose  /  Saying goodbye  (Decca F12663, Spetember 1967)

JACKY  White horses  /  Too many chiefs (not enough Indians)  (Philips BF1647, April 1968)

JACKY  We’re off and running  /  Well that’s loving you  (Philips BF1689, July 1968)

JACKY  Love is now  /  Never will I be (Page One POF122, March 1969)

JACKIE LEE  Love is a gamble  /  Something borrowed, something blue  (Pye 7N17829, October 1969)

JACKIE LEE  Everybody needs a little loving  /  If every day was like today (Pye 7N17873, 1970)

JACKIE LEE  Rupert  /  Going to the circus   (Pye 7N45003, November 1970)  deleted January 1974

JACKIE LEE  One more mountain  /  What will I do? (Pye 7N45072, September 1971)

JACKIE LEE  Johnny said come over (Rien qu’un homme)  /  End of a rainbow   (Pye 7N45088, August 1971)

JACKIE LEE  Peter Pan  /  What will I do?  (Pye 7N45113, 1971)

JACKIE LEE  Sleep  /  Space age lullaby  (ICI ICI1/2, 1972)

JACKIE LEE  Friends with you  /  Black country  (Pye 7N45188, 1972)

JACKIE LEE  Inigo Pipkin  /  End of a rainbow  (Pye 7N45207, December 1972)

JACKIE LEE  You make my head spin  /  Hallelujah lamb (Pye 7N45245, 1973)

JACKIE LEE  Rupert  /  Going to the circus  (PRT 7P337, December 1985)

JACKIE LEE  White horses  /  VICKY LEANDROS  (Old Gold OG9928, 1990)  




JACKY  White Horses (Philips BL/SBL7851, mono and stereo, August 1968)

JACKIE LEE  Jackie’s Junior Choice  (Pye PKL5503, September 1971)

JACKIE LEE  Jackie Lee Sings Rupert  (Pye GSGL10492, 1972)




JACKIE LEE  End Of A Rainbow  (Poker DECKCD107 CD, 2007) 

JACKIE LEE  The Town I Live In 
(Poker DECKCD113 CD, 2009)

(Vocalion CDSML8439 CD, 2008)  includes 'Born to lose'

FRANK CHACKSFIELD  Music from Doctor Dolittle (Vocalion CDLK4366 CD, 2008)  includes 'I think I like you'

VARIOUS ARTISTS  Dream Babes vol.1
  (RPM 137 CD, 1994)  includes 'The town I live in' and 'I gotta be with you'

VARIOUS ARTISTS  Here Come The Girls vol.6  (Sequel NEMCD718 CD, 1995)  includes 'You make my head spin'

VARIOUS ARTISTS  Here Come The Girls vol.8 (Sequel NEMCD845 CD, 1997)  includes 'Love is a gamble'

VARIOUS ARTISTS  The Persuaders & Other Top Seventies TV Themes  (Sequel NEMCD424 CD, 1999)  includes 'Rupert' (in mono)

VARIOUS ARTISTS  Those Pesky Kids vol.3  (Castle CMDDD231 2CD, 2001)  includes 'Rupert', 'Inigo Pipkin' and 'Peter Pan'

VARIOUS ARTISTS  Dream Babes vol.2  (RPM 224 CD, 2001)  includes 'You too (can have heartaches)'

VARIOUS ARTISTS  School - End Of Term Party  (Columbia 509960-2 2CD, 2002)  includes 'Rupert'

VARIOUS ARTISTS  Leaders Of The Pack  (Universal 9811326 2CD, 2004)  includes 'White horses'

VARIOUS ARTISTS  Rockin' With The Pirates 
(EMI  6971912 3CD, 2009)  includes 'Just like a man'




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