Jackie Lee Discography

Part 4 - Compilation Appearances

Drumbeat  Parlophone PMC1101 [mono only], 1959.  A BBC TV show tie-in which is actually quite a wild and rocking party album replete with fake audience noise.  Features two tracks by the Raindrops - 'Italian style' (also issued on a single for Parlophone) and 'Hey! Miss Fannie!' (which wasn't) plus others by John Barry, Adam Faith, Vince Eager, Bob Miller, Roy Young, Sylvia Sands, Dennis Lotis, and the Kingpins  The latter vocal group later contributed two members, Brian Adams and John Putnam, to the second line-up of The Raindrops, replacing Vince Hill and Johnny Worth.  Reissued twenty years later as part of Colin Miles' NUT series on EMI NUTM20.  Subsequent grey market reissues on Hobby Horse HHCD7275/91 (Germany, 2007) and Jasmine (EU, 2010).


It’s All Happening Here!  Oriole MG20046 [mono only], 1961.  Features two Raindrops tracks - 'We're gonna dance' and 'Sentimental journey' - which are indicative of the material they sang for BBC radio.  The LP is produced by Brian Matthew.


Just For You  Decca LK4620 [mono only], 1964.  Features 'The loco-motion' by The Raindrops as performed in the film 'Just For You' (see More section).  The film was retitled and resequenced in the US in 1966 as 'Disk-O-Tek Holiday'.  Try clicking on the album cover.  Marvellous cardigans.


Big Hits Vol.III  Philips CEL13000C, 1968.  Very early cassingle thing from the pioneers of cassette tape.  'White Horses' by Jackie is featured along with hits by Scott Walker, Paul Mauriat and Frankie Vaughan.  Not a commercial success, and subsequently not easy to find 40+ years later.


The Big Hits Vol.11  Philips PY 833 557 Netherlands, circa 1970.  Big selling series of compilations.  The eleventh in the series includes 'White Horses'.


Girls, Girls, Girls  Contour 6870 661 LP, 1971.  Includes 'Sing a rainbow' from the 'White Horses' LP.  Some copies credit Jackie Lee, others list Jacky.


Flashback 1968  Contour 6870 669, 1971.  Features 'White horses'


Ed Stewart's Junior Choice  Music For Pleasure LP, 1978.  Includes 'Rupert' credited to Jacky Lee.


1968 - 24 Of The Year's Greatest Hits  Connoisseur Collection YRNRLP68  2LP, 1988.  Includes 'White horses' along with other significant songs of the year by Jimi Hendrix, Arthur Brown, Brian Auger & Julie Driscoll, Canned Heat...


Sounds Of The Sixties  Readers Digest  3CD set, 1990.  Includes 'White horses'

Bacharach Masterpiece vol.3  AZ 5027 Japan CD, 1995.  Includes 'I cry alone'



Dream Babes vol.1 - Am I Dreaming?  RPM 137 CD, 1994.  Includes ‘The town I live in’ and ‘I gotta be with you’.  Currently available.


The Colpix-Dimension Story  Rhino R2-71650 [US] & Sequel NEDCD271 [UK] CD, July 1994.    Includes 'Down our street' which sounds as if it has been mastered from a less than mint copy of the single.  Deleted!



Here Come The Girls vol.6  Sequel NEMCD718 CD, 1995.   Includes ‘You make my head spin’. 


100% Kids  Telstar TCD2798  CD, 1995.  Includes 'Rupert'.


Girls, Girls, Girls vol.4  Marginal MA008 Belgium CD, 1995.  No relation to the Contour compilation.  Bootleg which includes the Jackie & The Raindrops track 'There goes the lucky one'.  Deleted.


Ultimate Rare British Soul  bootleg CD.   Includes ‘I gotta be with you’


This is the Return Of Cult Fiction  Virgin VTCD112 CD, 1996.  Deleted.  Includes ‘White horses’.  



In-Flight Entertainment  Deram 535300-2 CD, 1996.  Includes 'The look of love' and 'Let the love come through' by Roland Shaw & His Orchestra, featuring the Jackie Lee Singers.


ROLAND SHAW & HIS ORCHESTRA  Adventure!  Deram 844586-2 CD, 1996.   Includes 'You only live twice' and 'Let the love come through', featuring the Jackie Lee Singers.



Here Come The Girls vol.8  Sequel NEMCD845 CD, 1997.  Includes ‘Love is a gamble’.  Currently available.


Touch The Wall Of Sound  Ring Of Stars ROS882 Italy CD, 1997.  A superb 60-track Italian bootleg of pseudo-Spector productions, which includes Jackie's 'Cause I love him' along with Alder Ray's original recording of the song.


Top Seventies TV Themes  Sequel NEMCD424 CD, 1999.  Includes ‘Rupert'.  Currently available.


Those Pesky Kids vol.III  Castle CMDDD231 2CD, July 2001.  Includes ‘Rupert', 'Inigo Pipkin' and 'Peter Pan'.  Also features an insipid cover of 'White horses' by the City of Westminster String Band.  Currently available.



Dream Babes vol.2 - Reflections  RPM 224 CD, 2001.  Includes You too (can have heartaches).  Currently available.



School Disco.com - End Of Term Party  Columbia (Sony) 509960-2 2CD, 2002.  Includes Rupert.  Currently available.


Found In The Basement vol.2  Woody 502 US CD, 2002.  First track is There goes the lucky one lifted from a crackly single.  American bootleg of scarce late-50s / early-60s teen angels ranging in style from doo-wop to a bizarre cross between Bo Diddley and Northern soul.  It's interesting to hear the Jackie & The Raindrops 45 in this context.  No liner notes or illustrations.  Hilariously displays copyright and duplication warning on rear cover.  Sort-of-available if you look hard enough, but it's probably easier and more preferable to find an original copy of the single.


Tip Top Chicks At The Hop  Centhy 2005 Swedish CD, 2002.  Nicely packaged bootleg featuring My heart is your heart hidden amongst a huge number of American femme vox obscuros.  Assembled and issued by a bunch of 50s/60s teen obsessives in Sweden.



Leaders Of The Pack  Universal 9811326 2CD, 2004.  Includes White horses.  Currently available!


The Girls Of Hideaway Heaven Presents... You're Invited To A Party   Rare Rockin' Records RRR1011  CD, 2004.  Bootleg featuring There goes the lucky one and a label scan on the inlay booklet.



Shindig! We Set The Scene  Castle / Sanctuary CMQCD1067 CD, 2005.  Includes Black country



It's So Fine - Pye Girls Are Go  Castle / Sanctuary CMDDD1159  CD, 2005.  Includes Everybody needs a little loving


Teen Date - 30 UK Teenage Love Songs  Espresso ESCD504 Belgian CD, 2005.  Bootleg featuring Will you love me tomorrow.


Rockin' On The North Circular - Volume 3  Palais CDPA2063 CD, 2005.  Bootleg featuring Here I go again.

Teenage Jamboree - Volume 4  No label info Germany  CD, 2006.  Bootleg featuring A letter from Anne.


Jackie - The Album Vol. 2  EMI CD, 2008.  Features White horses, yet again.


Rockin' With The Pirates  EMI CD, 2009.  Features Just like a man, reissued for the first time.



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