Jackie Lee Discography

Part 3 - Sessions

FYFFES BANANAS  British TV commercial, 1961-1962.  Featured Jackie as Fyffita the Banana, singing in pseudo-Latin voice in a series of animated commercials.  Fyffita = Fyffe eater, geddit?  Try clicking on the banana above.

A SMOOTH ONE  TV commercial? 1961-1962.  Thus far unidentified track which sounds like a commercial jingle for an alcoholic beverage.  Jackie doesn't remember anything about the recording.  Slow, lounge jazz track with scat vocal.  Could have been with Barry Gray or John Barry.  Or someone else.

JOHN ANDREWS & THE LONELY ONES  A rose growing in the ruins / It's just love  Parlophone R5455  45rpm, May 1966.  Kent artist best remembered for featuring in his backing band at various times a pre-Experience Noel Redding and future Supertramp man Rick Davies.  Neither perform on this single, but Jackie provided backing vocals on the Ashford-Simpson B-side.  Arranged by Sam Fonteyn, produced by David Gooch.  Now a valuable (£300) British Northern soul single.

CUP O' KINDNESS  Please don't sell my daddy no more wine / The tattooed lady of Main Street  Parlophone R5467  45rpm, 1966.  A Jackie Lee Singers session.  Jackie sings a few bars of lead vocal on either side of this obscure folky single produced by David Gooch.

STEVE ALDO  Everybody has to cry / You're absolutely right  Parlophone R5432  45rpm, 1966.  Another major British Northern soul collectable, Jackie sings backing vocals on the Ashford-Simpson composed B-side.  Again, arranged by Sam Fonteyn, produced by David Gooch.  Available on a number of bootlegs including Chocolate Soup For Diabetics vol4, and British Soul vol.2.

OW BELLS  Belinda / When you're in  Parlophone R5520  45rpm, 1966.  From the David Henneker musical Jorrocks.  A David Gooch production recorded at Abbey Road.

TOM JONES  The green, green grass of home  Decca F22511  45rpm, 1966.  Jackie sings on the chorus.  A UK No.1 hit.

ENGLEBERT HUMPERDINCK (aka  Mr GERRY DORSEY)  Release me  Decca F12541 45rpm, 1966.  Jackie sings on the chorus.  Another UK No.1.

JIMI HENDRIX  Hey Joe  Polydor 56139  45rpm, winter 1966.  The Jackie Lee Singers performed backing vocals on this session recorded at De Lane Lea Studio.  The vocals are far more audible on the recent stereo remaster featured on 'Are You Experienced' (MCA 111608-2), and particularly from 1:40 onwards.  There is a degree of confusion regarding the details of this session, but the most logical answer is that Jackie and her girls performed as part of the Breakaways or whichever group was named on the session at the time.  Barbara Moore is certainly featured on photographs from these sessions.


SOUNDTRACK  Robbery!  Decca LK4892 [mono] / SKL4892 [stereo] LP, September 1967.   Features two versions of 'Born to lose'.  There is the single version with the first-take vocal, and an end-title reprise with lengthy orchestral build-up and different, less passionate, vocal take.  The scoring on the remainder of the album is first-rate 60s suspense movie, bearing a slight similarity to some of John Barry's work of this period.   The movie is a crime drama with good chase scenes directed by Peter Yates (Bullitt, Friends of Eddie Coyle, Breaking Away) and starring Stanley Baker, Frank Finlay and Joanna Pettet.  Soundtrack also issued in the United States on London M76008, and now available on a beautifully remastered CD issued in the UK by Dutton-Vocalion.  The movie has also been issued on DVD in Britain.

FABLON  TV/cinema commercial, 1967.  Written and arranged by JOHN BARRY.  Further details are proving elusive.


CLIFF RICHARD  Cinderella  Columbia SCX6103 LP, 1967.  Features one Jackie solo song backed by the Mike Sammes Singers ('Dare I love him like I do') and a duet with Cliff ('If our dreams came true').  Jackie's solo ballad, which is recorded close-miked and intimate, sounds a bit too good to be hidden away on a minor Cliff album.  These tracks were recorded at Abbey Road Studio 2 just one month after the session for 'The town I live in' and 'I gotta be with you'.  Reissued on CD in the UK 1992 (now deleted and expensive in its own right).  A new CD version is forthcoming from EMI.

TONY EVANS' GOLDEN BRASS & SATIN VOICES  Music Through Midnight  Columbia SX6140 / TWO165 LP, July 1967.  An easy listening experience created by the young Mr Evans and produced by Jackie associate Tony Palmer at Abbey Road.  The Jackie Lee Singers - Jackie with Barbara Moore, Joan Baxter, Johnny Evans and Brian Bennett - are featured throughout the album, contributing session-rate oohs, ahhs and mmms.  Stellar British jazz cast including Vic Flick, Ike Isaacs, Al Branscombe, Nat Peck, Frank Clark, and Kenny Clare.


FRANK CHACKSFIELD & HIS ORCHESTRA  Music From Doctor Dolittle  Decca Phase 4 PFS4130  LP, 1967.  Jackie sings 'I think I like you' in orchestral setting, contrasting nicely with the small group version recorded for the White Horses LP.  This track ranks among Jackie's finest recorded works.  Her vocal is perfectly complimented by the wonderful flugel horn of Shake Keane, flown in from Amsterdam specially for the session.  Jackie also hired a Hampstead-based stage school boys' choir and arranged and conducted their parts on four songs.  Album also issued in the USA as London 44102.  Now available on shiny silver disc mastered to a high standard by Dutton-Vocalion.

SOUNDTRACK  Barbarella, 1968.  As indicated in the biographical text, the original Michel Magne soundtrack featuring Jackie's solo vocal was not used and existed only on a tape locked in a chateau in northern France.  One year after the recordings were made, the chateau was extensively damaged by fire, and some years later the composer/arranger took his own life.  Sadly the original stereo masters do seem to have been lost, and Jackie's recording of  'Love spread your wings' seems to have been vaporized.  However, against all expectations, some recordings were found in 2006, including the wonderful main theme which is vastly superior to the tacky Bob Crewe effort used in the movie.  Although superficially a minor footnote in Jackie's career, this recording forms a bridge between her preceding EMI solo work, and the more ethereal White Horses sound.  If all goes to plan, it will be a critical bonus track on the forthcoming White Horses CD.

RICHARD HARRIS  A Tramp Shining  Dunhill US / Stateside SSL5019 UK  LP, 1968.  Jackie was featured in the vocal chorus on three songs on Richard Harris' first album - 'MacArthur Park', 'In the final hours', and the very tasty 'If you must leave my life'.

PETULA CLARK  Unknown titles  Pye  UK.  Documents exist which state Jackie sang backup on some of Pet's work, but no titles are given.  Jackie cannot recall singing on any of Petula's songs. 

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MAGGIE  L David Sloane / Too young to get married  Columbia DB8389 45rpm, March 1968.  Features the Jackie Lee Singers on b-side.  On this occasion, the singers are believed to be Jackie, Barbara Moore, Joan Baxter and Kay Garner.

JACK EMBLOW  Accordion Nights  Columbia SCX6217  LP, 1968.  As BJ Cole is to the steel guitar, so is Jack Emblow to the accordion.  He has worked with everyone.  Ubiquitous doesn't come anywhere near.  On this album, Jackie sings four songs with orchestral accompaniment by Pete Moore, husband of Barbara.  The top league musicians include Don Lusher, Frank Clarke and Terry Walsh, all of whom played on Jackie's EMI 45s from this period.  The highlights are a sumptuous reading of Nacio Brown's 'Paradise' and a velvet-smooth take of Bacharach's 'The look of love' which ranks among her best recordings.  Jackie arrived at the studio, sight-read the songs and laid the vocals down.  Listen carefully and it's possible to hear an attractive trace of uncertainty.  Jackie receives a sleeve credit in the smallest text just below the recording engineer. 

UNKNOWN ACCORDION ALBUM    After the Jack Emblow session, Jackie also recorded vocal parts with ex-Vernons Girl / Breakaway / Ladybird Ann Simmons for a massed accordion LP which is long, and apparently best, forgotten.  Jackie remembers giggling uncontrollably at the horror of it all.

ROLAND SHAW & HIS ORCHESTRA  The Look Of Love  Decca SKL4894 LP, 1968.    Features the Jackie Lee Singers, aka The Pretty Goods, on excellent arrangements of 'You only live twice', 'Let the love come through', 'She's leaving home' and 'I want to be happy'.  The lead harmony vocal sounds awfully like Jackie, but she swears it is actually Joan Baxter, who had been Jackie's replacement in the Squadronnaires.  Even if Jackie doesn't feature on the recording, she was there in spirit, wielding a large stick. 


ROLAND SHAW & HIS ORCHESTRA  She’s leaving home / I want to be happy  Decca F12788 45rpm, May 1968.  Features the Jackie Lee Singers.  Taken from the album SKL4894.  


COLORS OF LOVE  I'm a train / Up on a cotton cloud  Page One POF060 45rpm, 1968.  Contrary to information published elsewhere, this recording features Jackie's vocal group consisting on this occasion of herself and 'four boys'.  No names available at present unfortunately.  Could Tony Summers (see below) have been one of them?  Jackie remembers the Albert Hammond-Mike Hazlewood A-side being a challenge while reading the music and expounding the tongue-twisting lyrics.  Unusually for Miss 'One Take' Lee, this song took a little time to get right.  Subsequent Colors Of Love singles probably do not feature Jackie.  The later studio assemblage apparently featured a young Elaine Paige among others.

TONY SUMMERS  If a smile / Make time stand still  Parlophone R5724, 1968.  Orchestra and chorus directed by Mark Wirtz.  This is believed to be a lost 45 featuring Jackie on backing vocals.  After searching for recordings by Tony or John Summers, this particular single was suggested by someone at the BBC.  Further info required!


SOUNDTRACK  Promises, Promises  United Artists UAS29075 LP, 1969.  The London cast recording of a Burt Bacharach stage musical conducted by Ian MacPherson.  Jackie sings with her regular partner Barbara Moore plus Toni Eden and Eula Parker on the below-par song 'Christmas day' under the nom de guerre 18th Century Corporation.  The album is exceptionally rare and is not to be confused with the American recording of the Broadway cast.  Also issued in Australia on Sunset SUS-96082.

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SOUNDTRACK  Loving Feeling, 1969.   Includes Love is now.  The X-certificate movie by sexploitation director Norman J Warren appeared at British cinemas briefly in early 1969, and follows the seedy affairs of a married disc jockey played by Simon Brent.  1970s TV favourite Françoise Pascal appears as a model.  A fantastic period piece which fully deserves a European DVD release.  The movie soundtrack version of Love is now is noticeably different from the record and is probably the original unadorned demo version.  Jackie's vocal is completely different and there is prominent organ with a much more low-key arrangement. 


KLEENEX  TV commercial, 1969.  Featuring Jackie with The Ladybirds.  Recorded at Advision on 16th April 1969.  Three thirty second Motown-inspired ads were recorded - Kleenex For Men, Kleenex For Girls, and Kleenex Boutique.


MARTIN LINFORD  Can I take it with me / Little room  Bowler Hat BOWLER101 45rpm, 1969.  A tad obscure this one, but well worth seeking out.  Jackie sings on both sides with Sue (Glover) and Sunny (Leslie).  Both songs are a bit, um, odd, but the A-side has terrific backing vocals from the three girls.  No idea who Martin Linford was, but he may be a theatrical actor.   His vocal delivery is not entirely unlike that of Richard Harris and is totally overwhelmed by the orchestral arrangements.  The songs were written by Bob Anthony and Max Diamond, arranged by Bruce Baxter (presumably the guy who did the Top Of The Pops LPs) and produced by Malcolm Jackson.  Jackie, Sue & Sunny simply checked into the studio and added the vocal on a playback.  Issued on a one-shot label which looks like a B&C custom job.


VINCE HILL  Don't speak of love  Columbia DB8658 45rpm, 1970.  The Jackie Lee Singers are featured discretely on this pop ballad.


SOUNDTRACK  Goodbye, Gemini  DJM DJLPS408 LP, 1970.  Title track sung by Jackie.  Very understated arrangement and performance, particularly in comparison with the remainder of soundtrack.  Jackie sings in a markedly lower register than her better known material.  The album was also issued in Australia on DJM SDJL934118, in Canada as DJM DHLP408, and the USA as Bell 9101Reissued on CD by Harkit (HRKCD8092), mastered from vinyl, with different (inferior) artwork and incorrect credits.

CAMPBELL'S SOUP  TV commercial, 1970.  Featured an arrangement of Christopher Gunning's 'Everybody needs a little loving', slightly different from the Pye singleJackie's song was regarded very highly by the management at Campbell's, and she was wined and dined at some expense by senior figures who flew in from the USA.


SOUNDTRACK  Dr Jekyll & Sister Hyde, 1971.  Jackie is featured on the soundtrack to this Hammer Studios movie based on the Jack the Ripper tale.  The film was directed by Roy Ward Baker (famed for The Vampire Lovers and The Avengers) and is set in the East End of London.  Jackie sings the Brian Clemens-composed He'll be there a capella with a great Cockney accent as the actress Julia Wright portrays a street singer miming the words during an early scene.  The song is heard again in later scenes.  Interestingly, the movie was banned in Finland.  Available on DVD in the USA.  

COCA-COLA  TV/cinema commercial, 1971.  Jackie sang on the famous Roger Greenaway-composed 'I'd like to teach the world to sing' commercial.

JAMES LAST & COMPANY  Beach Party 2  Polydor 2371 188 LP, 1971.  Features Jackie, along with Sue & Sunny and Kay Garner among others, singing on 'Me and you and a dog named Boo', 'Here comes the sun', 'Dock of the bay' and other titles.  Yes, indeed.

TONY HAZZARD  Loudwater House  Bronze ILPS9174 LP, 1971.  Jackie sang backing vocals on this fine album along with old cronies Kay Garner, Lesley Duncan and Sue & Sunny.

CHRISTOPHER GUNNING  Calendar  CBS unreleased LP, 1972.  Jackie sang on three of the twelve tracks on this concept album based around the months of the year.  After completing the album for CBS, the label chose not to release it.  The tapes exist and are awaiting exhumation.  Recorded at a studio in Hammersmith with an engineer called Keith.  One song has turned up so far, and a Jackie fan has put together a suitable video available to view here


JOËL DAYDÉ  White Soul  Riviera 521189 LP, France 1972.  A variant of the Jackie Lee Singers were booked into Lansdowne for this blues rock album by respected French musician Daydé.  Jackie's cohorts on this occasion were Joan Baxter, Laura Lee (the London one who recorded for Joe Meek) and June Jay (Mike Sammes Singers).  The recording features top drawer British sessioneers such as Jackie's buddy Don Lusher, Don Honeywill, bassist Brian Odgers, Derek Watkins, Alf Bigden, Tristan Fry and Rick Wakeman.

BBC Radio 2  David Hamilton Show, 1973.  Jackie sang with the vocal group Soul Train on a number of occasions throughout the year.  Fellow Soul Train-er Clare Torry remembers this job well: "During 1973 we had a regular Friday evening gig for BBC Radio 2 David Hamilton Show.  The vocal group was called Soul Train and we sang covers of current hit songs.  Musical director was Johnny Arthey.  These Broadcasts were recorded at BBC Aeolian Hall, and later at the Langham Studios.  Singers inc: Jackie Lee, Clare Torry, Ann Simmons, Barbara Kay, Chas Mills (First Class), Brian Bennett, Stephanie De Sykes , Bob Saker and Carl Wayne.  I remember I joined the BBC Club so that after the recording we could all nip round the corner to Chandos Place and have a few jars.  Very often, Jackie and I would go on for dins at Nell Gwyns (wherever that was!!!)."

BURTONS MENSWEAR  Cinema commercial, 1973.  Jackie, Clare Torry and others recorded a Mr Burt jingle at an evening session at De Lane Lee, Wembley on 24th January.

LILT  TV commercial, 1973.  Jackie and Clare Torry provided backing vocals on the well-remembered Chris Gunning-composed jingle with lead vocal by Lee Vanderbilt.  Recorded during an evening session at Olympic Studios on 1st March.

MICK AUDSLEY  Dark And Devil Waters  Sonet LP, 1973.  Jackie provided backing vocals on this album, along with Liza Strike, Barry St John.

BUDDY GRECO  Movin' On  Pye LP, 1973.  Jackie, Clare Torry and one unfortunately forgotten girl were booked into Pye Studio 1 for an evening session on 16th March to contribute backing vocals to this Tony Hatch-Jackie Trent recording.

YARDLEY  TV commercial, 1973.  Jackie and Clare Torry recorded this cosmetics jingle on 23rd March at Olympic.

SPLASHDOWN  TV commercial, 1973.  Jackie and Clare Torry worked together once again at Olympic on 3rd April.

THE CHANDELIERS  Can't you hear my heartbeat / One way street  Penny Farthing PEN809  7", 1973.  Written and produced by John Carter, arranged by Alan Hawkshaw, recorded at Audio International on 9th & 10th April 1973.  Clare Torry performed lead vocal, with Jackie, Clare and Kay Garner providing backing vocals.  This represents Jackie's last known issued recording.  A third track titled Carry on singing my song was also recorded with the same personnel at the same studio on 9th July 1973.

FRUITY TANG  TV commercial, 1973.  Jackie and Clare Torry, recorded for a forgotten product at Wessex on 28th June.

BABY BEL  TV commercial, 1973.  Jackie and Clare Torry sang this jingle in French, for the French processed cheese.  Shown in France only.  Recorded at Wessex on 13th June.

BEA  TV commercial, 1973.  Jackie, Clare Torry, Lisa Strike and Kay Garner recorded an airline jingle at Olympic on 30th July.

HP PICKLE  TV commercial, 1973.  Recorded at Nova on 28th September.  Jackie, Clare Torry, and Bob Saker sang the Peter Best-composed jingle.

MIDNIGHT CHOCOLATES  TV jingle, 1973.  Jackie and Clare Torry, recorded at Wessex on 30th August. 

JULIE ROGERS  Unknown title, 1973.  Jackie, Clare Torry and Jean Hawker (ex-Vernons Girls) recorded backing vocals at an evening session at Lansdowne on 10th September, arranged by Charles Blackwell. 

KAY GARNER  Gotta get myself together  Unissued, 1973.  Backing vocals by Jackie, Kay and Clare Torry.  A Chris Gunning-Peter Best song recorded at Olympic on 21st September.   

CLIFFORD T WARD  Mantle Pieces  Charisma LP, 1973.  On October 6th, Jackie and Clare Torry drove up to Chipping Norton Studio to record uncredited backing vocals on this album by the noted singer-songwriter with musical direction by Richard Hewson. 

THE BACHELORS  Unknown songs, 1973.  Jackie provided backing vocals with Clare Torry and Ann Simmons on a session at CTS Wembley on 3rd October.  Believed to be Jackie's final recording session.









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